4th album + randomness.

26 06 2008

DBSK has been talking about a 4th album comeback sometime in FALL 2008. BUT, it’s official (according to Yesasia) that their new album will be out on August 27!!! :D This is the YA link to their 4th album.

I wonder how many versions there’s going to be. haha. knowing LSM, he’d do as much as he can since alot of fans have been waiting & WAITING for a comeback. Hopefully this brings many awards at the end of the year. ^_^ i can’t wait.

Junsu being Changmin’s #1 fan! haha.

as tagged & Soompi
credit: as tagged & Soompi.

Junsu looks so cute! He’s so excited to meet his idol! haha. Changmin is like “yeahh, i’m badass” haha. ;) CLICK here for the youtube link [credit: eternalmerkamoon3@YT]. I was LOL-ing at Jae ROFL-ing. haha. It’s so funny how dbsk just goes as;ldkfjaoewijfaHAHAHAsdklfjawoeifj as soon as the picture shows on the screen. LOL. very cute. :)




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