News + どうして/Kimi Suki PV Preview.

26 06 2008

There’s bad news according to Soompi naver, Yoochun checked into a hospital today. He was assisted by his manager. They said some fans were outside his house and followed them to the hospital. They even overheard their conversation with the doctor [i know we all love them but they need space! D: but i’d probably stalk them too, but not to the point where i’d follow them to the hospital and listen to their convo w/a DOCTOR!!! *sighh]. Anyway, thankfully it wasn’t bad enough where he had to stay at the hospital. He returned home. Apparantly he had “stomach cramps”. Since they’re busy, chun would always skip his meals so whenever he ate, he threw it up.

[credit: blog naver]

hopefully he starts eating slowly and gains back his strength. ;_; poor boys…they should go out to dinner or have breakfast together each day. ^_^ i know changmin would be happy. :P

Kimi Suki 1min preview [dong bang ver.]!!!!

credit: color515@YT & ekah_jaejoong@Soompi.
Grr, Avex removed the vid so fast. x[ anyway,
click here
to watch it. That will take you to dnbn. sorry. xP

Seems like it was recorded off a TV!? hehe. ^_^ I can’t wait for better quality, so once it comes out, i’ll update later, ok? But they are soo WHITE. o_o like blinding [because of the tv]. lol. The way junsu is singing is so calm. :) [biased, i know] :P But they’re all gorgeous, don’t you agree? ^_^

&& RUMOR!!!!!!
there’s no official proof for this yet but ihlubdbsg@soompi screen capped this & pointed out that…
lol, if it were true then, GO SU! :D hehe. THIS IS JUST A [good] RUMOR, for now. we’ll have to wait and see for some interviews of some sorts or other ways of them telling us this information. hehe. :)

Hopefully all this cheers you up from the chun-news. :( but i think he’ll be okay. i mean, if he was let go to go back home, you know? they wouldn’t keep a ‘sick’ patient if the patient wasn’t sick… :P right? :D




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