SJ promoting SHINee & SNSD?

26 06 2008

LOL! don’t take it too seriously. x[ it’s just a picture someone screen capped. ^_^
they’re not really promoting. :P

credit: princess azalea@SHINee forum

LOL. is that really key? xD
kibum meets kibum. :P

& idk much about yuri. i don’t really fangirl snsd. i used to but they never really caught me like dbsk & sj did. I’m sorry, i’m not an anti though. :] they’re still SM family. yayy. :P haha.

anyway, just wanted to share that picture.




2 responses

2 07 2008

omg!! that’s key!!!

ahah~ he looks a lil different…eeekk!

2 07 2008

kpop – haha. He kind of looks like a gorilla. :P hehe, but….still awesome. ^_^

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