Suju KRY & SJH

26 06 2008

SJH will be in the “read more” section…

THIS website supposedly says that suju’s sub-unit KRY will be making a second album. I’m just not sure because i mean, Kyu & Ryeo are in China and Yesung’s busy in SJH right now. They’ll seem so busy. Especially Kyu & Ryeo flying back and forth from S. Korea to China. You know?

& I can’t really say much because that website just won’t open for me. i’ve tried opening it like 4 or 5 times already. :(

credit: That website & 13damifino@Soompi


they seem to be doing well. :)

Performance @ KBS2 Open Concert [yoriwang & Sunny]
** Yes, Yoriwang is “Cooking? Cooking!” I just preferr to say yoriwang well because it’s ALOT shorter than cooking. lol. :) sorry for the confusion. X[

I Still think their M! Countdown performance was the best so far. :) Only because ELFs did a little chant (which reminds me of DBSK’s hug chants =X) And the Fan’s cheering sounds soo much louder than SJH’s actual voices. haha. it gives this warm feeling. ^_^

This is the Making of Yoriwang’s MV. Poor Eunhyukkie at the beginning haha. xP so cute the dances and i hear Heechul also helped in choreographing some dance moves? hehe and Shingdong’s dance moves didn’t get placed in the MV. :( hehe. The ending is super Awesome though. hyuk looks like a little kid jumping on the bed and pillow fight w/leader-shii. :D haha.

This is an interview after a perf but there’s no subs. sorry. :( But please do enjoy Teuk’s sudden burst of laughter haha and Hyuk being cute. And sungmin at the end. yayy. :P

I’m sorry, i swore this was gonna be a short entry. since it’s 2am now. D: sorry if it’s dragging too. :(
Well, i’ll leave you with some pics of SJH.

Did you notice Sungmin’s shoes? XP haha, You can also see his mismatched shoes in the M!Countdown perf as well. hehe. well, another pic here & here. Looking at their shoes, hmm i would buy Min’s black shoes & Eunhyuk’s shoes. it’s niceee! :D

[pic credit: sj-market & yeo_shin@soompi]

BTW, Eeteuk is looking really good lately. & Shindong, you’re hair has GOT TO GO!!! X[ i’m sorry. xP

** i copy/pasted this from my LJ. :)




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