FT Island Hangeul Island

28 06 2008

Just a quickie. =]
This is another Tv show where FT Island is in Japan finding their way around and learning Japanese. Lol.

HERE is a link of Cherriya‘s youtube Playlist.
eng sub credit: ying_1005 @ soompi, and pandan @ soompi.

There’s a total of 24 episodes. but
only episodes 1-6, & 8 are currently available on her playlist.
I read in the FT Island soompi thread that they subbed ep11 but i haven’t gotten around to look for them yet. xP

Trust me? I’ll edit soon…like i said in my other post…it’s almost 5am here!
i think i should sleep before i get caught -_-




2 responses

28 11 2008

i watch this until ep12, i want to watch ep13 and the rest also, but there is no sub….
do you know where i can watch sub? or can anyone sub it?

17 06 2009

i’m sorry but do you know where can i watch the episode 11 sub i have been searching it but i can’t find it i cant find that episode and so do the no. 12 , 13 T_T please if you know where can i watch them can you tell me??

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