SHINee talks about DBSK

28 06 2008

:] Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. :P
SHINee’s Jonghyun (seated 1st row, middle) talks about DBSK’s Micky Yoochun.
&& At the end they talk about SHINee’s “Mom” lol. cute.

vid credit: eternalmerkamoon3

lol. adorable isn’t it? :P

they play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will be the first to answer the first question truthfully. Jonghyun wins/loses? idk but he was the first to answer. The original question was “Who’s the biggest cheapskate of all the sempais” Lol. Smart hyun answers that all the sempais are good and the one that stands out most is chunnie! ^_^ so cute.

I wonder how the SM building is. i mean you have all these trainees and then some BIG STAR like dbsk walks in the door. ^_^ haha. he mentions the chun would buy food, and share advice to SHINee before they debut. :] soo adorable.

*pictures chun talking about his life story in dbsk while shinee members listen intenly sitting around on the ground*

lol. xD okay done. xP

then at the end Hyun picks Onew to answer the next question which is “Who’s the mom of the group?” and Onew picks Key. :) So cute. He would heat up the cold food so everyone could eat and brings Taemin (the maknae/youngest) to school. haha. i would like to have Key as a hyung. haha. ^_^ soo cute.

This looks like the SAME interview where Taemin says something and then out of nowhere he’s like
TM: “Onew hyung”
ON: “…”
TM: “saranghaeyo”
ON: “ehh, ahhh” *confused expression

haha. hmm, i’ll go look for it. xP bbl!!!
Okay, so it’s not the same interview, anyway, click here to watch the vid. it’s towards the end at 0:45.
still, very cute.




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21 11 2008
Young Lady Junsu

Hahaha… so cute! I’d like them to love their hyung!!

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