THSK on A-Nation’s Navi TV

28 06 2008

This is really funny. ^_^ No one eng subbed it yet though. :( I hope someone does soon. :) hehe. anyways…It’s just a series of battles (5 to be exact) between THSK and the MCs.

I don’t have time to do a recap…sorry. :( i have to get ready to go to a grad party tonight! ^_^ hehe. ENJOY!

vid credit to jaejoonglovesportia@YT.

If you actually go to the vid (you can by clicking here instead of watching the vid above, she already has some kind of breakdown (under the more info section to the right of the video) you can understand a little better. ^_^ kay, going now! :D

Just a funny picture of chunnie. ^_^

pic credit: as tagged & midoriXD@soompi for sharing. ^_^
It was when he was jumping haha. at first i was like WHEN’D CHUNNIE DO THIS HAIRSTYLE!!! haha but yeah. the cameramann was good. ;)




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