THSK Spicy Challenge pt.2

28 06 2008

This isn’t too recent but recent enough.
Err, this is when Chun had his blonde things coming out of his head. LOL.

Anyway, This is part two
I know i haven’t done a part one post but it will come soon after this one. lol. Depends how i feel later on, it’s 4:50am here. xP..err….yeahhhh

& I was writing this entry while watching the vid(s) but um, it got really long so i’m just shortening it now. :P
Kind of like bullet-format. :)

[credits: vid=len0926@YT & GOE;ss for subbing it]
***You can also choose to watch it in HQ.
Here’s a link to the first episode; part one & part two.


& This is part two & part three.

They are to choose 6 different countries in which they wanted to try foods for first and so on…They had already chose Siberia & Mexico in the first episode…

Tokyo, Japan.
– It was some sort of Ramen.
– used like 30GRAMS OF CHILIES! crazyy…

**Side note: the lady that walks in front of THSK looks kinda akward. /= like she doesn’t NEED to be there and she has super high heels on. xP

– They bring out a drink to “refresh” their taste buds, LOL!
– changmin’s reaction was sooo ADORABLE & LOL-worthy.
– so is jae’s. LOL.
– It’s this Fruit juice from the Amazon about 6x a lemon!
– JAEMIN!!!! min drinks jae’s glass once he finds that it’s healthy. :P
– Su attempts a CF with his 2nd glass. He’s supposed to say SWEET! after he drinks it but it was more like “SW–” *choke choke* LOL!

– it’s soo red & boiling. Jae jokes & calls it “Magma” :P
– Junsu is the last to try it and he puts it in his mouth and it takes it right back out. LOL he doesn’t even bite it!

Hokkaido, Japan
– this dish is seriously RED. It’s Curry soup?
– but they made it special…300x it’s normal spiciness! O_O
– Yunho’s face is priceless, soo expression-less but cute. lol.
– YooMin just eats it and laughs. haha. funny.
– then…Yunho starts sweating and JaeMin goes O_O! out of nowhere.
– Lol. stubborn Jae he goes and proves his manliness and takes a full bite. HAHA!
– All he can manage to say is “TISSUE!” HAHAHAHA that was sooo adorable!!! ♥

– It’s called “Sudden Death hamburgers”. never heard of it though. Lol.
– Everyone enjoys it. :)
– Chun says this is the most traumatizing episode of Channel-A. LOL.

They rank all 6countries’ spicy foods, Mexico is #1 [can be found in the first episode].

Next they asked 2questions to reveal THSK’s personalities (-_- whatever)
Q: Who saves the most?
Everyone answers Yunho & Yunho writes “ME” Lol. they mention that he likes to save coins and come to think of it yeah! The house tour vid, he showed his container FULL of coins. haha how adorable.

Q: who’s the most vain?
Chun puts Jaeho & Jae gets 3 votes, Yunho gets 2 and Chun gets 1. :P But in the end Jae [JAEHO!!!] states that Yunho always says that the Japanese actor looks like him. LOL. so funny and everyone changes their answer to Yunho. ;] Changmin looked like a cute school kid that knows the answer when he stated he wanted to choose Yunho instead. xP LOL.

In the end Junsu says he doesn’t want to eat spicy food for another month or two. Lol. And they mention that they were off to go Film something after the show ended? o_O hmmm… i wonder what that was. xP




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