THSK’s 3rd Live Tour “T” edit.

29 06 2008

edit @ 7/1

Gahh, so Their concert was shown on TBS-ch last night (6/29) @ 9-1130pm Japan time.
Unfortunately i wasn’t able to watch it because keyhole didn’t support TBS-ch. ;_; Wahhh.

but Lovely fans upped it on YT already soo….here they are. ^_^

credits: daum + dnbn + soompi + yt.

Uhh, let me confess… I haven’t watched ANY of these!!! ;_; yet. xP
I WATCHED [some of] IT! Gosh, this makes me want to be there. ;_; mytvxqrox@yt made a playlist and has all if not, most of the songs they performed, scroll down! :D
So..soompi said you could watch all of the perfs here (credit: Daum; enjoy-xiah) It’s in a blog format so you’ll have to scroll down ETC and stuffies. (there’s page numbers on the bottom to click on) :D yayy!!!

If you’re a youtube fan, then here’s some YT links. :)

I also should say..if you like what you see, then BUY the DVD! :D Here’s some websites. ^_^
+ HMV Japan.
+ CDJapan.
Yes, i’m a hypocrite. :( Though i haven’t watched the concert yet, i don’t have enough money to buy the DVD. i need to save for college! -_- why must college be so expensive these days…erghhhh…

+ Trick ; Such a cool intro. & i love how when they sing in the beginning they have spotlight. ^_^
+ Together. LOL. SOO CUTE. xP major YOOSU moment! :D
+ Summer Dream. LOL@ Junsu. nice butt ;P
+ Love In The Ice. The most beautiful performance ever. ;) *wipes tear.
+ Darkness Eyes.
+ Harudal (Day Moon).
+ Ride On. ; o_o woowwww.
+ Beautiful You.

+ Asu Wa Kuru Kara.

+ No & Darkness Eyes.
+ No Pain No Gain & Choosey Lover.

+ Shine & Somebody to Love.

+ Rising Sun (LIVE!!). WOW. great perf, seriously! and i just LOVE LOVE LOVE yunho’s yelling at the end.
+ Playlist with most if not ALL the songs! :D THANKYOU!!!

+ Forever Love

You can watch no pain no gain, opening + trick, no & darkness eyes, together, day moon, love in the ice, no, clap, beautiful you & summer dream here. it’s a different website, not exactly sure but i tried to open the vids but it wouldn’t load for me, you can try though. ^_^

Pics coming later? maybe? :D

Here’s ONE pic…i wish i was there! O_O!!!!!




3 responses

30 06 2008

WoW!! thx uu so much for utube links!! i never thought before that 3rd concert already to watch!!! thx uuu so much!!

30 06 2008

Maiko_chan ;; No problem! :D Thank you for commenting. :D

26 11 2008

is there koda kumi at this dvd when they perform “Last Angel”

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