SJH @ West Coast Festival

30 06 2008

It’s actually called “SoHaean Festiva” but most know it as the West Coast Festival. It was organzied by Kim JangHoon (whom collapsed on stage & was admitted into a hospital click here for an explanation. =/ this is just another example on how hard korean stars are working.)

But this performance was i think the worst performance & yet….so..professional.

Kangin wasn’t there to perf w/them.
vid credit: symbelmyn@yt

Sunny ;; was performed first. Not badd. :P But at the end you can see Sungmin about to perf by himself. Grr so much confusion & a very not well planned stage. :(

Yoriwang ;; was performed next. Gosh. They were offbeat which really bugged me (i think & assume it was the earpiece-music & the regular music weren’t syncing.) but anyway. And in the beginning Sungmin’s mic was low. And yay for yesung he jumped in to save him. :D And then the fountain went off. -_- ohhhh. lol.

We should just make the best of it, right? so… :D lol. Everyone got soaked except smart yesung who found a dry spot and stayed there haha. Soo. this is what super junior looks like after taking a shower. ;) haha. If that’s the case then, teuk is soo gorgeous. haha. And so is hyuk. And if it wasn’t water-proof make up then, they still look good. ^_^ I feel bad for shindong’s hair but still, that thing should go. xP

They all look like they’re disappointed, angry, embarassed and yet…still having fun? possible? haha.




3 responses

1 07 2008


Actually, I was going to be a silent reader but then I read your mod post about comments and thought I should drop by and say hello and share some love!!! Aww dont be too depressed over it, Im sure most of your silent readers love reading your posts <333 Its 1.30 at night here so I gotta go to bed, but I’ll come back tomorrow and go through your blog more XDDD But so far its looking awesome. Keep up the good work! You can always spaz with me ok!!!

1 07 2008

BTW Arent the boys hot when they’re wet hahaha XDD and gotta love them more for being good sports about it <3

2 07 2008

beckery – hehe, first of all…THANK YOU! :) for leaving a comment. ^_^ i appreciate it!!!. hehe. && ohhyess, they are soo hot. :) hehe, thank youu. thank you thank you. ^_^

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