Happy Birthday Teukie. :D

1 07 2008

=] Ohh Eeteuk, you’re getting old. :P You need a wife. ^_^

Sorry, i’m no good at doing birthday posts, but maybe i’ll improve. :(

For awesome bday posts, check out Spazzes, superduperlove, &&  kpoplover4ever@wp. :D They are awesome writers, okk?

vid inside. :P

vid credit: magicapuri@yt.

She said that Before sukira ended, the PD wrote & sang a song for teukand hyukjae did the rap parts. She said that he was surprised and he even cried a little. :D aww howw cute. ^_^

Anyway, the vid. LOL. the girls go crazy over every little thing they do. ^_^ haha. And it’s so cute how hyukjae tries to put frosting on his face and then the PD put frosting too. lol. How adorable. MAJOR EUNTEUK. =]

Here‘s another fancam of them on sukira.

maybe i come back with pics n stuff later. ^_^




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