DBSK free time?

2 07 2008

edit: 7/2i’m gonna add a pt. 2 :P A very SHORT part2. CLICK HERE for pt.2

There’s been quite a few “sightings” of them. ^_^ Outside of work which is really great!!! :D Haven’t seen anything from Chunnie yet, :( Maybe he’s still recovering? ;_; It’s okay, i rather him stay home and sleep (&recover) than go out and be attacked by fangirls. xP

overall credit: soompi.

[credit: as tagged + maxbaidu] Again, to make pics larger, Right click on pic & click on “view image”.

So this is Changmin, obvioiusly, and he just came out of a hair salon. :P He looks quite HAPPY though. ^_^ Which is awesome. He kind of has that I-know-i’m-hot smile. haha. LOL. His hair reminds me of Junsu’s FLAT hairstyle he had for a short-while. i don’t think i saved pictures though. :( sorry!! But Min is soo WORKING IT!

HERE [credit: jeiliy] is a fancam of Jaejoong. They said he was heading to the SM building. hehe. ;P His face looks like he’s a little bit irritated w/the fans bugging him. but he’s trying to endure it. *sigh, which brings me to the point. FANS! they need air to breathe too. They’re only human, right? :( But then again, without these suffocating fans, how would we know where they are and all the stalker-ish info fans crave? ahhh, lose-lose situation. /=
PICSPAM [credit: As tagged + AlwaysJJ + Joomi@TPF]

HERE [credit: as tagged] is a fancam of Yunho but let me WARN you.. it’s…GREEN, and it’s veryyy STALKERish and it’s…WEIRD. o_o. Honestly though, i can’tt really see. o_o and fans said he got in a car w/a girl. Some claim her as his sister and others that don’t know say it’s one of their staff. xP I like the sister-idea better. ^_^ haha.

And here’s JUNSU! :D THIS [credit:as tagged + gosaru] is a vid of Junsu signing autographs for his cousin. ^_^ Yes, that girrl is his cousin, don’t be alarmed. :P He was a model for her store/company. I’m not sure. but i heard all the I♥NY shirts are sold out. ^_^ haha.

This vid is of him singing @ home w/his mom & cousin. ^_^ Gosh. Their whole family can SING! o_o *jaw drop* his cousin is AWESOME. o_o They sound really good together. :D i’m in AWE. ;) His mom sings in the beginning too. Lovely KIMS.

credit: soompi, & i’m not sure. D; i’m sorry!!! But for more pics you can head onto THIS POST from spazzes. :P




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