Dream Concert ’08 War

4 07 2008

Okay, it’s not a REAL war. xP Just a “silent” war between fanclubs. There’s no english subs. :( But if someone finds PLZ PLZ PLZ let me know!!! i want to know what they’re saying. ^_^ seems interesting!!! & it’s kind of like revealing the truth behind what happened? Through fans point of views…

Please don’t bash on eachother, the fandoms, &/or the fanclubs.

Keep in mind that SNSD is still part of SM. i thought SM was family!? ;_; wahhh….
Oh & BTW, they’re NOT going to have an ’08 SM Summer Album. D;

vid credit:youngmankore@yt. This is part one.

part two.
part three.
part four.




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