Kimi Suki 2nd PV Preview + Box In The Ship

4 07 2008

Grr. I think this is when we finally know that avex/sm is really squeezing out the last penny of our monies. *sigh…

Preview of the dong bang Kimi Suki PV.

vid credit westkitsune@yt
other credit: naviTV + Oyoshi5 @ Daum

;_;  I Know people complained about the drama ver. [click here to watch] that they replayed ALOT of scense (i agree but i kind of didn’t pay attention XP). And same/other (not sure?) people were complaining that they didn’t want the dong bang version to be just another PV w/the boys just standing and singing looking “dumb”.

But now, they put out this 2nd version and it just might be the boys standing & singing w/the drama version combined. *sigh. I think Avex should’ve just made ONE PV and this one [dong bang + drama ver] would’ve been heckka awesome. ^_^ You know? I think so..but either way..

** Sorry if this came across as bashing, i didn’t mean to sound mean but …i really think Avex should’ve just made one PV for this (& combined the two versions together)

& Here’s Box In The Ship (What kind of name is that!? xD) 28seconds.
Or should i say…bosh in da sheep. =X hehe, love their english. ^_^

vid credit: eternalmerkamoon3@yt.

Sounds Disney-ish right? like…Lion King In the jungle or something. haha. Tarzan? xD




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