3rd Live Concert Tour – T

5 07 2008

^_^ louislee uploaded the whole concert on VEOH! ;D

there are 4 parts (i assume) but only the first 3 are up. All parts uploaded! :D

THIS is a vid eng subbed by mickytoho (THANKS! :D) of their hellos, goodbyes & thanks. i personally haven’t watched it yet but i was reading the comments and it’s very touching ;) soo. enjoy! ^_^

Part one – Includes Intro, Trick, No Pain No Gain, Choosey Lover, Some Talking, Song For You, & You’re My Miracle.
Part two Includes No?, Darkness Eyes, a short clip, day mooon (harudal), Lovin’ You, & Forever Love.
Part three Includes Clap!, Ride On, Asu wa kuru kara, Shine + somebody to love, & Rising Sun.
Part four.Includes Summer Dream, Beautiful You, Some talking (i think it’s their thanks), Together, & Love in the Ice.

*sigh they didn’t show the KISS SHITA MAMA, SAYONARA encore. -_- but some soompiers were saying that it might be like a hidden clip like the AADBSK2 clips. ^_^ i hope so.

too bad i don’t have enough money for it… ;_;




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