DBSK free time pt.3

5 07 2008

This was originally a junsu post but then i saw more pics of them roaming korea. ^_^ so i’ll just make this a part 3. part one & two are there.

overall credit: soompi

JUNSU outside of SM building…
credit: as tagged + jing16@dbsg comm_LJ

hehe, look at his kamo butt! ^_^ I wonder what kind of car, Lexus? like jae? hmm, we’ll have to wait till he picks me up to go driving. haha. I WISH!

Going to their home?? I think? correct me if i’m wrong
credit: as tagged + baidu?

Minnie’s holding a CD, hmm….4th album!? ^_^ haha. Chun looks skinny but it looks like he’s okay. :/ & i think this is the same day jae got his new hair? Looks like the same shirt? :P

Yunho, shopping??? 2days.




4 responses

5 07 2008

lol, i’m going to link my friends to this page… one’s in love with junsu, the other with yunho…
and i think i’m like the first person to comment here… ^^

6 07 2008

libby96 – Thankyou! :D hehe, you’re one of the first to leave comments. :P Haha, i hope your friends will leave comments too? :) especially the junsu-lover. ^_^ i’m in love w/him too. :D Thanks again for stopping by!!! :D i really appreciate it!

6 07 2008

wow..i think dbsk are being stalk always hehe… but its gppd for us we have these photos to view..waaahhh…

i love micky so much…such a guy..^^

6 07 2008

maricon – yeah, i feel sorry for them though, no personal space. :( but still, it’s nice to see them smile! :D

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