5 07 2008

Lol. How cute. :)
I believe this was an advertisement to stop smoking & was shown on Inkigayo. :P

vid credit: SapphireJunior08@yt.

Haha. i like the NO NO NO cross arms thingy. :P
ahh, where’s kangin?




4 responses

5 07 2008

aha… thats so cute!!!!!
this is like the first time i’ve been to your blog…

6 07 2008

libby96 – Lol. thankyou for leaving a comment! ^_^ & hopefully you’ll come back for more??? :D

21 08 2008

so cute! :D this ad is so persuasive (in my biased point of view) haha

23 08 2008

Dis blog is great. :D
Keep it up!btw, about sungmin’s girlfriend. do you know anything bout it.
I heard ppl say his girl name anna lee. I saw her frm friendster n shes soo0o cute!

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