SJ….J? -_-

5 07 2008

Okay maybe this isn’t another subgroup but this is definitely NOT korean. So They put out a 24 second preview of U – Japanese version…Hmm…

What do you think?

overall credit: soompi.

vid credit: 13sapphireangels@yt.

If you prefer Todou then HERE is the link.

Hmm, i wish they made a preview with more of a lyrical clip. Lol. Most of it is still ENGLISH. -_- “I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl”. hmm, ohhwell. I really wish you know, if you’re a korean band, then stay in korea. -_- haha. Only because like DBSK, they go to Japan and they stay there for OVER a year. :( And if this happens to SJ. I mean, come on they already had the SJ13 going on w/SJM. LSM is just causing more pains & troubles to faithful fangirls.

But we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. ^_^




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