SJM back in China

5 07 2008

After coming to Korea, watching SJH perform yoriwang (fancam here) at Inkigayo, They’re back in China to prep for the Changchun Film Festival.

Gosh they’re so busy, and the super show is going to start soon. -_-‘

overall credit: soompi

Here are Airport pictures
credit: as tagged & soompi

I like the middle pic of geng. It’s soo relaxing but busy? idk. but i like it. ^_^

credit: as tagged + soompi

I keep LOL-ing at Geng’s shirt, only because it makes no sense at ALL! haha “The Last Time Experience” WTF!? hehe. but they’re all wonderful. :)




2 responses

5 07 2008

I LOVE SUJU M!!! lol, hannie is my fav member…
suju m is probably my fav subgroup, since they speak chinese, so i don’t need to wait for subs…

6 07 2008

libby96 – Aww, you speak CHINESE!?? That’s so awesome, i think chinese is too hard for me to learn. T_T haha. Hannie makes a great sjm leader. ^_^

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