6 07 2008


It’s probably not but, omfgosh there’s that what if factor. You know that the boys check out their own cafes and other fan sites…i wonder. ^_^

credit: SOOMPI!!!

This is a special picture, so to see it clearer just click on it!!!

LOOK AT THE DATE! on the bottom right hand corner!!! O_O!!! July 5th whooooo.~~~
;] this is awesome… Too bad it’s not really them…or….too bad no one can confirm. xP

&….P.S. That’s me “coriOHH” LOL. :D if that were them i was on the same thread as them at the same time hahaha….

a fangirl can always dream ♥




6 responses

6 07 2008

haha. i saw a “ParkYoochun” or something wandering around soompi not so long ago. ;P

6 07 2008

ash – LOL. ;] Woowww, i wonder.. haha. ^_^ I would be so happy if it really was them! :D

6 07 2008

really..park yoo chun??? wehehe… too bad for me i’m quite far from where they are always stay…=(

hope to watch one of t6heir concert soon..

6 07 2008

maricon – It’s okay, i’m far from them too!!! D;

2 08 2008

lmao. soompi =O how i wished they google themselves often. =D they might even drop to say hi, but i dont think they’ll what we’re writing . it’s all in eng! xDD

25 08 2008

isnt it obvious its not them?!

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