M!CD Shinee Intro w/ShinHyuk

6 07 2008

I saw the raw of this but now it has ENG SUBS so it’s time to post. Lol.

Shinee Introduces the top songs 20-11th places. And SJ’s Shindong & Eunhyuk “teach” / guide them along. haha.

credit: shineesubs@yt.

The first thing i noticed was that Jonghyun’s teeth are soo perfect. ^_^ i love it. haha. And his laugh at 0:18 is sooo LOL-material! xD I kept REPLAYing it (pun? XD). hilarious.
0:37 – looks like they’re humping eachother. xD
0:49 – SHINDONG! xD LMAO. he just flies everyone everywhere. xD
1:16 – Is that Onew (sorry, still getting familiar w/their name-face coordination). lol.
1:24 – Minho’s NG! haha.
2:13 – LOL @ Shindong’s “Lee SeungGi :D” LOL.
2:17 – ohh is that jonghyun singing again? Love his voice. :D His actions (like his head turning swishing hair thing he does reminds me of Teukie? doesn’t it? ^_^
2:33– Taemin + Minho. 2Min. :P Taemin can sing too. ;)

*sigh, it’s a bummer SM isn’t going to have an SMtown Summer Thing. :( I wanted to see some SHINee Suju Dong bang stuff. ;_; ohhwell, SM Winter Album!? adsflkajsdfoiadsjfkj Sooo longgg T_T




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