DBSK airport pics

7 07 2008

I’m not sure if this is airport pictures coming IN to Korean or LEAVING korea. I think it’s leaving only because there were soo much sightings of them IN KOREA recently and the only reason they should be in an airport is to depart? xP i have no idea. incoherent, much? sorry. xP

edit okay it was LEAVING korea and now there are pictures of them ARRIVING in JAPAN, but to upload and copy/paste/resize/post the pics here are just WAYY too much work for me. xP sorry! THIS is the link to the soompi post. This SHOULD take you directly to the post but if not then it’s on page 557, post #11124. & Yes, you kinda sorta really need to have soompi to access this? (I think).

overall credit: soompi.

LOL. regarding the LANDING pics in Japan….WTF chun’s on the phone again? O_O hmm… i wonder whooo??? spit it out. ^_^ Maybe his parents? haha, aww how cute ;D

credit: Imax + Joomi@TPF

Credits: Yellow, Blue@Ontheroadtvxq + Joomi@TPF
I find this picture really funny because the tagged credit “On” is right ON his crotch. xD

Credits: Yellow, Blue@Ontheroadtvxq + Joomi@TPF

This looks like the same jacket he’s wearing in an earlier picture. :P (You can see HERE in my dbsk free time pt.3 post). LOL. This must be a new jacket, he bought and obviously really likes. ^_^

Credits: Yellow, Blue@Ontheroadtvxq + Joomi@TPF

LOL, at first i got confused cuz min & jae look like they’re wearing the SAME COLOR shirt. T_T haha. But jae’s looks a bit more yellow-ish. while min’s one is green? xP ohh gosh, FAIL. Love his hair, it’s so straight. 8D

Yoochun + Yunho – they only have 1 pic each that’s why i combined them.
Credits: Yellow, Blue@Ontheroadtvxq + Joomi@TPF

Who’s chunnie talking to? ^_^ haha, it definitely wasn’t me. :( haha. I like chun’s hat and he dressed like the hi ya ya MV. haha. & Yunnie, you looks so MASCULINE! ;) he really does look like the leader in this pic. XP




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