Everyone’s in Japan. 8]

7 07 2008

So, in one of my earlier posts, i said that dbsk was in Japan and now there’s suju. ^_^ [For their first Japan Fan Meet; Japanese ELFs must be happy] Anywhere, HERE is kpoplover4ever’s post on them along w/some pictures. ^_^

Apparantly SJ left the same day as DBSK. HAHA. this must’ve been a hard-working day for Kimpo Airport workers ;D And a full day at the Airport for the “Ever Lasting Cassiopeias” haha. What a dayyy :D

overall credit: soompi.

SJM members in JAPAN. (080707)
credit: as tagged + baidu.
HERE is a fancam. [credit: sohu] Can’t really see much. :( it’s 12seconds….*laughs. What’s Siwon wearing? xP

Shucks, i was looking & hoping to find more pics of them, especially shindong, teuk ETC, the ones that weren’t already “revealed” i guess…ohhwell. >_< hehe..
I kinda really miss KIBUM with the whole GANG you know? -_- we’ll just have to wait!!! :D




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