SJ Japan Post ^_^

9 07 2008

there’s so many things i want to share i just put i into one post. :D
hopefully it won’t be TOO LONG. :( hehe.

overall credit: soompi + youtube.
includes pictures + videos + download? haha.

credit: baidu
symbelmyn who provided this HQ fancam. =] For all those who’s computer totally laggs (like mine)then you can CLICK HERE & thank shinroo7 for uploading it the regular version. But both versions are only 1min. xP

HERE is just an audio vid of sj introducing themselves in Japan. :P it’s really hard to hear. :( if it was clearer maybe i could translate but there’s alot of “Good Even i’m __” lol. And then they start saying “OISHI” which is like “tastes good” lol. and they say stuff like nice to meet you, i’ll do my best and how are you? Lol. and alot of incoherencey going on. xD [well only cuz i can’t hear well]

HERE is the FULL version of U Japanese Versionn. Um. Yeah. Roomaji + Translation on the vid. :D thanks to nojomi1106 for uploading & subbing it.

MORE PICTURES!!!!!!! credit: FR NEWSEN & sjbluecn + baidu

Fans NEVER fail to amuse me. :] hehe. LOOK AT ALL THAT BLUEEE!!! *o* too bad i wasn’t one of um. :( aww, i will one day! haha. -_- such a big dream. x[

After all these i decide to put the download link at the VERY BOTTOM. LMAO. CLICK HERE [MF] to download. ^_^ the U Japanese version.

I guess this just about raps up everything. x[ sorry for the fail post. grrr….
it’s 5:12am. LOL. ummyeahh, GOODMORNING xD haha…




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