Happy Birthday Cinderella!

11 07 2008

Sorry. :(
once again i will fail to do a birthday post..but i will advertise for other sites that i try to keep up with. :D

to see awesome bday posts..check out…
Let’s all eat candy, spazzes& superduperlove. They all have GREAT posts. haha….anyway…continue story if you want to see my CRAPPY one. i’m not kidding.

this was just something small that i copy/pasted from my lj. LMAO.

Everyone’s beloved Chullie!
i hope your leg recovers quickly. :P everyone missed you

!! To make the pictures larger, right click on pic & click on “View Image”. :D

Yesss. sorry, Heechul’s not my top faves but he can lighten anyone’s mood, including mine. ^_^ So in honor of his birthday (July10, today) i’ll post some pictures. :D

credit: as tagged + soompi (i bet)

&& i got this from someone’s LJ. But i forgot whose.
please tell me it’s you so i can give proper credit! D;

Sorry, if you really know me, i always ONLY SAVE the ones i like best. XP So, i’m pretty sure other people will have birthday posts will ALOT more images. xD haha. i would add vid clips but omfgosh, i don’t think i could CAPTURE HALF of it…since he is such a cam-magnet. :)

Well, happy birthday Kim Heechul! :D now off you go, to find your wife. :P




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