SJ’s japan fanmeet pt2.

11 07 2008

Woww….i didn’t expect this much pictures (+ fancams)! :D haha. but i’m still happy!!! :D
I’m sorry i didn’t update last night i was tired. T_T
HERE is the link to the “first” post of them in Japan.

overall credit: soompi + baidu + youtube.

credit: baidu

credit: soompi, doesn’t specifically say who but i’m guessing sj-market &/or baidu.
These are the name card things they give out. ^_^

LOL, this is just a random pic, i think it’s from the japan meet? and idk the credit? xD


THIS is a conversation musicrandoms had with them. Hmm, it’s interesting to see how close this musicrandom person is.. haha, i wonder who she is?? whoever she is, she’s verry lucky!!! :D :D :D & Sungmin is soo cute in this. :) &&…does anyone know WHAT THIS SONG IS!?!?!?! it’s nice i think it’s KRY? x[ fails.
THIS is [part one] of a clip of NTV Japan Special talking about sj.
part two & part three.

symbelmyn also put some vids up… :P fancams.

Eunhyuk’s dance [HQ 34secs] haha, OMFGOSH, it must be illegal to have soo much HIP THRUSTS IN A SHORT SPAZZ OF TIME! O_O WOWWWWWW. Donghae is super good ;) haha, so i guess the gif of eunhyuk is from the fanmeet. *o*
– Performing MIRACLE. [HQ 2:40]
Part one. not sure, it’s too HQ for my comp to load it quick enough. T_T
Part two. ditto.
THIS is LTV’s SJ report? x[ idk…

& There’s other videos but soompi fails me atm. :(
and i saw on soompi that the boys just landed in Thailand & there ARE 13 of them and they’re practicing for the Super Show. ^_^
i hope they have enough time to rest! D;




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