14 07 2008

stole this from candychu. haha it’s sooo interesting. :D

i just wanted to share mine!
btw, yeah still on hiatus. -_-
maybe next week? asdlkfjawoeifjasd grr idk.

you can try it HERE. ^_^


bold = true.
red italics = whyy. :)

At this particular time you are feeling the results of extreme stress and you are seeking a ‘way out’ but you are pushing too hard. Obviously you need peace, tranquillity and contentment. [[i just feel like running away from it all. Who needs college? T_T blahhhh]] Your temperament is such that you are hoping, unrealistically perhaps, [[like, meeting dbsk/sj etc? haha]]  that your desires will shortly be fulfilled (even if at this time you are not quite sure what those true aspirations may be!).

Enough is enough. Nothing seems to be working out as you would like it to and it has got to the stage where you feel as if you can’t be bothered anymore. The way you feel is that it would be great if you could be cut off from everything and take it easy – be it only for a short time. [[yes, just bask in the world of hot!fics & crazy fandoms. -_-]]

In spite of all the opposition, you are insisting that your goals are realistic but circumstances are forcing you to compromise. You are not very happy with this situation but there is little that you can do about it. You have very strict standards which you try to apply to everyone who enters your sphere of influence.

You are experiencing considerable stress which is essentially the result of on going rejection and hostility. You are in the unpleasant position where offers of trust, affection and understanding are being withheld and you are being treaded with a degrading lack of consideration. [[actually, yeah. regarding my “friends” idk who to trust /=]]You feel that you are being denied the appreciation that you deserve, which is essential to your well-being and self-esteem, but you have to face up to the situation because as matters stand at this time there is little that you can do about it – you feel that you are getting nowhere and the continuous struggle is a lonely one: all difficulties and no encouragement. Whatever you try to say or do is met with continuous hostility and no matter how much you protest you are consistently misunderstood. [[agreed. that’s why i always try to choose my words carefully]] You need to escape from the situation but you are so perplexed that you cannot find the strength of mind to make the necessary decision.

You are inclined to be too trusting [[yes, that’s why i always end up betrayed, again and again!fckkk]] and you feel that you need to be on your guard against the possibility that your endeavours and actions may be misunderstood. Too often you have been taken advantage of [[agreed, and it’s always usually “can i borrow money?” -_-]]and you have been mentally abused. Now you are seeking a relationship which can provide peace of mind, where you can be yourself and not have the need to put on a false front. [[This would be nice. I can act crazy when i want. and friends would listen when i’m crying but that’s a dream]]

So i guess this is the most depressing part of me. -_-




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