A nation ’08.

26 07 2008

These are the performance dates and dbsk will be included in all of it. ^_^

Saturday, July 26th – Ehime
Saturday, August 2nd – Miyazaki
Sunday, August 10th – Ishikawa [performance on my birthday? ^_^]
Sunday, August 17th – Aichi
Saturday, August 23rd – Osaka
Sunday, August 24th – Osaka
Saturday, August 30th – Tokyo.
Sunday, August 31st – Tokyo

credits: dbsker@blogspot [she has alot of credits and i’m not sure which one is for this particular schedule you can check it out HERE.]

cut includes: song list + preparation pictures + a nation message.

They’re going to perform 4 songs this year.
1. Purple Line
2. Beautiful you
3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう
4. SHINE-Somebody To Love
5. Summer Dream
[credits: yurichun@blog4.fc2]

I think the SHINE + Somebody To Love is going to be like the T-concert. Kind of like a medley. hehe. :] And maybe Yoochun will say A NATION! like he did at SAITAMA xD hehe. If you don’t know what i’m talking about you can watch the t-conert shine+somebody to love vid HERE. And at 4:50 their love, love, love part where Chun goes SAITAMA! ^_^ hehe.



a-nation2008 初日、愛媛のステージが無事に終わりました。久々に緊張しました。
やっぱり初日は危ないですね!(- -;)

[credit: dnbn.org]


The first day of a-nation 2008, Ehime, had finished successfully. We were feeling nervous the first time in so many years.
Knew that the first day is always dangerous! (- -;)
But, because everyone cheered for us, we were able to perform comfortably.
Thank you.
Let’s enjoy this summer a-nation 2008 with THSK!!
[credit: az1989@lj & fin123@soompi]


credit: soompi.
^_^ can you see the signs they made (right picture) being displayed on their tent??
hehe. they need work on their kanji. xD




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