vote DBSK for MNET

30 07 2008

EDIT aug7;; On soompi it says that Foreign people aren’t allowed to vote. T_T…
*sigh. WHATEVER! hmph.

This is for registered Mnet users.. please vote DBSK! ^_^ Lol.
& the nominees are…
– Dong Bang Shin Ki (동방신기)
– Park Yong Ha (박용하)
– Rain (비)
– Song Seung-hun (송승헌)
– Lee Jun Ki (이준기)

CLICK HERE to vote. Then click on #8 [Hot 글로벌 스타] & they’re the first one. :] click. hehe.
They are currently winning but Rain (비) is not far behind. D;

all you mnet users, plz gather and VOTE. ^_^




One response

18 08 2008

DBSK forever and ever and ever…
no new boyband, no matter how hot and awesome they are, is gonna beat my obsession for my beloved Dong Bang boys…^^

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