Onew hurt.

6 08 2008

So, Onew got hurt before this performance [august 3rd] at the KNN Busan Festival. You can see him skipping around alot. /= Reminds me of Teukie. ahh. anyway. here it is.

credit:mrkrabspatties @ YT

+ a few more fancams.

THIS is right after the performance, you can see Leader-shi limping off stage :/ but Minho helped him. ^_^ hehe. ahh. they’re still so new to the entertainment industry and you can see how Onew is fighting so hard. =]

I give them ALOT of credit. especially onew. He kept a smile on and performed to his greatest even when he’s in pain, now this is what you call ‘show biz’.  HERE is another fancam of shinee members carrying onew to the hospital (probably).

I honestly can’t see him.  o_o i’ve watched it a few times…but yeah….

Fans, don’t be alarmed. I’m sure if it was SERIOUS, then he wouldn’t have performed. I just heard that it was a sprained ankle. :] okay? :D Fighting, Onew. =]




3 responses

10 08 2008

awww poor Onew..i love him ffrom the start…this is just happened a few days ago

11 08 2008

= [ hes my favorite oppa from shinee…hope that hes okay now…T_T

1 01 2011
مجنونه تايمن

ياربي ليش كذا اف

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