SHINee reality show.

6 08 2008

This’ll just be a continuous update so whenever new eps (subbed) comes out, i’ll just edit this post. i’ll put an update on the side bar when i updated it last etc. okkay? :] enjoy!

credit: all vids to shineesubs@yt.

Behind the scenes post is HERE.

Episode 1; one, two, three.

LOL. I think Taemin is really…too young. T_T lol.. Ahh, i really like Key’s date though. It was…date-satisfying. hehe. and Minho is just full of cheesey goodness. :] so if i was the noona, then i probably would’ve made the same decision. hehe. But i kept laughing when every date, she had to take off her shoes. xD

Episode 2; one, two, three.

OMG. xD HAHAHA. aigoo, this noona is perverted w/minho. -_- ohwell. but i think jonghyun will win this one. :P anyone could fall in love with his voice. :D hehe. and LOL at ONEW. poor guy. haha. his plan has backFIRED, literally. xD hehehe. oh so much fun. ^_^

Episode 3;one, two, three.

Jonghyun is so clingy with this girl seriously! LOL. But he’s so sly. xP This reality show is pretty cruel. They let the boys fall for the noona and then after a day [or two? not sure] full of dates, the noona has to leave the boys behind. T_T wth!? LOL Everyone was soo funny on the rollercoaster. :P  Next ep looks interesting. x]




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