SJH’s Pajama Party MV + perfs + pics

6 08 2008

This is their 2nd song promotion from their mini-album. Here’s the MV. thanks to SapphireJunior08@YT for uploading it. And if you go to the YT page to watch it, they include the DL links both HQ and MQ.

…what do you think? lol.
cut includes: performances.

August 03; This is their 1st performance. ahh. It’s not HQ, i’m sorry. All the good videos are being deleted & accounts being suspended because of SBS. arghh. -_- But i think their pajamas in the MV looks way better. :X Sungmin’s doll thing looks like it’s in the way sometimes. xP hehe. But eunhyuk’s ponytail is so adorable hahaha. xD

August 05; Hmm, not sure where this is??? xP & i don’t understand. -_-. but OH! err…sungmin’s doll thing…is..not there. xD LMAO. i thought it was glued on. xD And that air blowy thing is so irritating lmao. it’s just..there. xD idk. -_-

August 06; Performance at Miss Korea Contest. They look a bit lonely without their backup dancers. >_< Plus, once again…Kangin is missing. /= aww. it’s okay though. I think they did well. =] Teukie Pics HERE.




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