Our Torch Bearer!

7 08 2008

Wahhh~~~~ He looks so happy. ^_^ i’m happy. i wish his run was longer! D: but here’s the vid. Thanks to fatheather@YT for uploading it. :D

cut includes: pictures + Cyworld update.

credits: as tagged + some baidu.


Hangeng’s Cyworld entry on 8 August 2008

幸福的一刻 最美的笑容~!
今 天传圣火的那一刻,是我平生第一次感觉到笑是如此的幸福,如此的美好。在那一刻眼里是看到的是虚幻的,心里却清楚的享受着激动和感动。那种滋味无法用语言 来形容,幸福的想哭?总之接触到点燃的圣火的那一刻,我已不是我,我都不知道怎么形容了。呵呵~~~我到现在都还沉醉在那短短的几十秒间~~~~~~~~ 能有今天这样的感受,能有机会享受传递奥运圣火的这份荣耀,你们是我最大的支持,当然也很感谢奥组委以及可口可乐公司能肯定我,给我这神圣的使命。感谢 SM对我一如既往的培养,还有我们SJ的成员他们也在韩国的各路媒体上和我一起享受着那传递圣火的瞬间。我还想感谢的是这次我传递时穿的鞋是珉旭哥赞助 的,他说让我跑出人生最精彩的五十米,我做到了!这是我第一次穿这双鞋也是最后一次,我会把它和我的衣服我的火炬我的感受好好保存~~~~~!传递圣火的 光荣使命我完成了,我会继续带着你们的梦想永远的和你你们一起跑下去~~~~~~!

A happy moment, the most beautiful smile~!
Today, that moment of passing the fire, is the first time in my life that I feel that smiling is like happiness, like perfect. At that moment, what I saw through my eyes were like deceptive illusions, yet in my heart I clearly enjoyed the excitement and touching moment. This feeling (taste) can’t be described with words. So happy that I want to cry? For a short moment being able to be in touch with the lightning fire, I wasn’t myself. I also don’t know how to describe it. Hoho~~ Till now I’m still intoxicated(?) in that short 10 seconds.

Being able to have today’s feelings, being able to have this opportunity to enjoy the honour of passing the Olympic fire, you all are my biggest support, of course I’m also very thankful to Ao Zu Wei (Olympic group) as well as the Coca Cola company for ensuring me, giving me this divine mission. I’m thankful of SM’s training, furthermore our SJ members, they’re also in Korea following the news enjoying this very short moment of passing the fire together with me. I also want to thank _Xu ge (brother) for sponsoring the shoes I wore when passing the fire. He said he wanted me to run my life’s most splendid 50 metre. I accomplished it! This was the first time to wear these pair of shoes and it will also be the last time. I will preserve the shoes, clothes, torch and my feelings very well~~! I completed the honoured and glorious mission of passing the Olympic fire. I will continue to bring along your dreams, running forwards/further together with you all forever~~!
I love you all~~!

Translated by Wing @ http://www.mygiftedwings.com/hanchul

It seems like he’s so excited!!!! :D
i’m happy he’s happy yayy. hehe. :D




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