[SJ] Making of, Yesung, Xanadu

12 08 2008

This is going to be a combined post because I’m too lazy to make 3 separate ones. :X Lol.

cut includes:
– Making of SJH’s Pajama Party (2 versions)>
– Yesung’s injury.
– Kangin & Heechul’s musical, Xanadu photoshoot.

i’ll update if i find. :D

lovecubic@yt uploaded this for us. :]

+ Shindong’s got a chick. xD omg, shindong with hair curlers holding a chick is soo adorable. lmao.
+ HAHAHA. Teuk + Shindong. xD [at 3:16]
+ aww is yesung sick? he was coughing. D:
+ Sungmin & that snake is so much love.
+ Kangin is like the 2nd leader. xD hehehe.

MusicRandomx@yt also had THIS video. It’s the making of the MV but, a different version. hehe. It’s like Sungmin-central. haha he acts so cute in this one. xD


Next is Yesung’s Injury. You can watch it HERE. uploaded by lovecubic@yt again. ^_^ hehe. I can’t really understand much but I think it’s when Yesung fell off the stage (1.5m, it seems) during a rehearsal. /= And something about his hips? Idk. [i’m too lazy to backtrack soompi. forgive me. D:]


Uploaded by sapphirejunior08@yt, THIS is a vid of the Xanadu music photoshoot. hehe. Heechul always looks so dainty. ^_^ hehe.


Well, hope you enjoy them all. ^_^




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