DBSK new hair.

15 08 2008

quickly what i think.
junsu: o_O
Chun: AHH!
Jae: :3
Changmin: ;)
Yunho: :D

cut includes pictures.

credit: as tagged.

Yunho;; No more long beautiful T-concert hair, and no more old grandpa hair like on the doushite cover lol. It looks really good actually. =] I’m satisfied. :D
Jaejoong;; that’s a…weird color but…i like it. xD What can i say? Jae’s hair is always nice. :P
Junsu;; Hmm, doesn’t it remind you of Sungmin’s Don’t Don hair? haha. the side length thingy going out. x_x
Yoochun;; Uhh, it’s not just an ordinary bowl cut, it’s a …SIDE bowl cut lol. xP still don’t like it. x]
Changmin;; wahh. so it’s like…light brown. xD hahaha. idk? It looks like Yunho’s hair style, except opposite side and yunho’s one kinda goes up while min’s go down. haha. x] nonetheless, pretty.

so HERE are individual shots. :]

credit: as tagged.




22 responses

17 08 2008

Well darn you! I just finally got my post out about their new hair, and here you are with better pictures. Haha. I’m glad I saw these though. I’ll just post a link at the end of my post saying: “For better pictures, check out blahblahblah.”

18 08 2008

JAE’S HAIR IS SOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
the first time i saw it was when he had his head down when walking into the sm building i was a little meh because jae never has short hair…
but then when i saw him in smtown 08
i like cried because i was so satisfied with that hair!!!!!!!! it really stands out for some reason…
this might be random, but when he was walking onto that platform for the song with lina, he looked so smex with that hair he looked UNREACHABLE…
ah i’ll never have a chance with him T-T

and omg if i’m a guy i’m so gonna get the gel that ho used to ruffle up his hair XDDDDDD
btw min’s hair colour is scorching ^^
and su!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sungmin hair suits him!!!!!
haha chunnie… he’s just cute X3
i wonder if they got short hairstyles because they’re been saying how it’s so hot in anation…
OMG ANATION’s still not finished!!!!!!!
wow new hairstyles will AMAZE japanese fans!!!
it’scertainly amazed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

18 08 2008

i very don’t like micky hair it was like o.O ahhh but junsu look Hot jae,cham, yuhno look amazing!!! but why hero change color hair he look more beautiful in blond!!!!!^^

18 08 2008

sakurako you live in korean you are a korean girls wow amazing you are very lucky to be a korean girls -_- so you saw smtown concert so lucky!!!!but me iM a vietnamese -_- i would like a korean girls!!!!^^

18 08 2008

theselooselips – LOL. :P it’s okay & THANK YOU. ^_^

sakurako – lol yeah i’m kinda falling in love with Jae’s hair color. x] haha. that’s the color i wanted my hair before….maybe i’ll go dye it that color now haha. :P But Yoochun’s hair still looks a bit long, it looks like it would be hot. xP haha. Thank you! & YOU’RE SO LUCKY YOU WENT TO THE SM CONCERT!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!

Anna – yeah, i don’t like yoochun’s hair either. xP hopefully he changes it soon! D: but i really like jae’s hair haha. xP Changmin’s hair isn’t working for me either but that’s okay. =] hahaha. :D Thank you!

19 08 2008

but yoochun’s hair it was UHo.O!!!so i hope too micky change hairstyle but i think dbsk change color or hairstyle for a new concept album!!!!^^

20 08 2008
Alfin Ngu

I just wanted to say Yoochun’s hair is very much like mine. The gay community welcomes it. Very popular here in my city! Well, I just wanted to say he should be proud to be gay.

21 08 2008

micky’s hair is….. different. :| i like his old short hair more. he reminds me of the mushrooms in super mario games. but still, i love micky. haha.

22 08 2008

I LOVE YUNHO’S NEW HAIRCUT!!! So hot!!!! I also love Jaejoong’s, Changmin’s and Junsu’s. Micky’s haircut is charming in it’s own way though .. There’s something to Love about every DBSK member!!! LOVE YOU DBSK!!

22 08 2008

i like junsu’s previous hair..
it shows his charisma *wink2*
but,d new one also look g0od on him!

22 08 2008
samurai gurl

love their new hairstyles…but yoochun’s chotto weird?!

23 08 2008
fizah he

all nice but yoochun’s??? ;S

24 08 2008

Yooch is kindaf out. bt gud efort 2 try smtin new. min’s hair. hahha.

3 09 2008

wow very cute i love all the hairstyles >_< stands out soo well!!

but i like micky’s too if u look for a while its very cute how come u guys don’t like it??

anyways since wen was micky gay???? not trying to be sexist just askin

3 09 2008

h: yunho & changmins are so cool! VERY MODERN & SEXY NOW <3

c: LOL

s: well, i used to bag them heaps cos i thought they looked like pussies but like now, i think yunho looks alright, even big lips changmin looks okay. but eww at jaejoong. WTF happened to his hair? it sure does compliment his face. he looks like a baby kitty.

x: Micky’s hair looks like a bowl cut gone wrong! T_T no

5 09 2008

Likes Hero news hair now.WONDERFUL!!

10 09 2008

I think Yoochun’s hair is so cute! And am I the only one who thought of an asian version of Edward from Twilight when I saw Jae’s hair? XD Yoochun would make a cute Jasper. XDD

22 09 2008

jae joong is soooo cute ^_^

22 09 2008


17 01 2009

o xd salen tan lindos…. en especial jaejoong y yunho….pero no encuntreo en youtube ese concierto solo de fancam help.!!!

17 01 2009

leave so cute …. especially Jaejoong and yunho …. but not on youtube that encuntreo solo concert fancam help.!

4 02 2009

where they are fans─▒te?*??what is it name???and DBSK love you

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