Support dbsk’s 4th album comeback.

20 08 2008

You can click HERE for their website. [link opens in new tab/page]

It’s a CD Drive, meaning you buy the album fromthis tvxqproject group, and as soon as the release date comes around, they’ll start sending you the cds. =]

This is only for the international fans, sorry. :l
Their goal is to show tvxq how big their international fanbase is. ^_^

more details under cut if you’re interested (these are the same people that did the doushite project)

click here to see the poster larger…i can’t seem to save it large. & i don’t want to hotlink. -_-

:] any questions, contact them.




4 responses

20 08 2008

heyy, sorry this is so random…but i just started this wordpress thingy today so i’m totally lost O:

on your main page when you’re reading posts, how did you get it so that you can click on the link then you get the whole thing? so you don’t have the whole super long post on your main page?!

21 08 2008

^ hehe. no problem.

err….HERE you go. ^_^ CLICK HERE for a screen cap of how i did it. lol. hopefully it helps. :D

haha, doing that was fun. :P don’t mind all my bookmarks and other tabs. :P

21 08 2008

OHHHHH haha gotcha! no no no that was so cool!
thankyou! ^^

25 08 2008

I have question. This is new DBSK’s CD? And this is only for the international fans, right? OOOOO! I am international fan ^^ I think so ;) Maybe because I am from Polnd ^^ Heh. “Pozdrawiam wszystkich!” Or “I greet!” ;)

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