FT Island vol.2

21 08 2008

ahhh!!! X] their whole album leaked on the internet already (which i am currently dl-ing) :3 lol.

but pleaes support them. D: [i know such a hypocrite, you don’t have to listen to me lol.]
But the release date is Aug25.

credit to the ft island lj comm. hehe.

cut includes: Track list (w/translation), Pre-order websites, MV preview, MV making & DL links.

Track List [translations in here]
credit: yeasia + pandan@soompi

01 사랑후애 [After Love]
02 여자는 몰라 [Girls Don’t Know]
03 그대는 사랑입니다 [You Are Love]
04 Love is
05 멋쟁이 VS 예쁜이 (FT VS PRI) [The Cool vs. The Pretty]
06 외워두기 [Memorize]
07 미워하고 원망하고 [Hate And Resentment]
08 1분 1초도 [Even for 1minutes and 1second]
09 사랑하지마요 [Don’t love (me)]
10 사랑이라 부르는 이름 [A Name called Love]
11 Troublemaker
12 Train

– Everyone is excited to hear Jaejin’s voice in Track5. I haven’t heard it yet so i’m curioius as well. hehe. =]

Where to pre-order.

You can pre-order from
YESASIA – $17.99 USD not including shipping.
DVDHEAVEN – $14.87 USD includes each member’s photo + wordbook; not including shipping.
If you’re in Singapore, you can order from
-$32.50 SGD. includes each member’s photo*, photobook, special name card*, & poster in tube.

* = must pre-order.

credits: pandan@soompi

사랑후애 (After Love) MV Preview (43 seconds)

vid credit: HunnyholiC@yt.

Making of 사랑후애 (After Love) MV [not subbed]

vid credit: sujuteukie@yt.

— Fail Hongki in the beginning is so cute. LOL. always playful. ^_^ I think he forgot korean, been in Japan for too long. lol jk! i’m not sure. x]
— Sexy Leader all wet. haha. i just love wet boys. xD o_O wait, that sounds wrong….

DL links.
CLICK HERE to go to the ft island lj comm post to dl it.
not my links, credit is on that post. =]




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24 08 2008


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