Who’s LIPS are these!?

21 08 2008

Lol, i found this on the SJ soompi thread.
It’s DBSK + SJ’s lips. guess who’s who.

credit: as tagged.

…I don’t have the answers, but…
moon_sprinkles@soompi figured out all but # 6, & 17.
blue_lttleangel figured out #6 & assssses figured out #17.

These ARE NOT official answers. xD
i haven’t looked at the answers yet; just copy/pasted um, i wanted to figure it out too lol.

I only have Yunho, changmin, teukie, heechul & junsu so far. T_T

1 Yunho
2 Shiwon
3 Changmin
4 Sungmin
5 KyuHyun
6 Eunhyuk
8 Heechul
9 Junsu
10 Han Geng
11 Yehsung
12 Jaejoong
13 Teukie
14 Kangin
15 Ryeowook
16 Shindong
17 Kibum
18 Donghae




7 responses

23 08 2008

Sungminie’s girl is anna lee, rite? Thts what i heard. If true, they’re gonna make a very cute cpl!!!

23 08 2008
fizah he

is it? will they make a cute couple? :D

23 08 2008

Srprisingly i heard it too…. it was on soompi i ges.
i wnt to hav look on her.

24 08 2008

? Wad??

24 08 2008

Shindong lips luk funny der. hahhhaa. wer did u get dis???

13 09 2008

Hahahaha! Xoo funny.

4 01 2009

Omg woweee i got ALOT of them right..i didnt do them in order..but WOOOO..maybe all my suju pics have payed offf LOL

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