Yunho’s got a TATT?

18 09 2008

Okay, don’t be alarmed. It’s not CONFIRMED yet.
But on a recent interview, you can see parts of it. it’s on his neck.

So…what do you think??
Gingerbread Man?
ohh goshh Yunho. x]
JaeChun are such bad influences. haha nahh =]
My friend said if it’s a gingerbread man, it MUST be inspired by Yoochun’s “My girlfriend” song.
“My love for you.. is more than the gingerbread man’s vitality”
haha. well…..we’ll just wait and see. 8]




One response

5 10 2008

Hola soy Daniella xDDDD

escribo en español por que mi ingles es bad jojo

bueno ese tatto parece de mentirita nomas XDDD

pero las influencias del ratón andan por ahi XDDDDD (hablo mas de yoochun q de jae xq yoochun se tatua hasta x las puras n.nU)

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