Who’s LIPS are these!?

21 08 2008

Lol, i found this on the SJ soompi thread.
It’s DBSK + SJ’s lips. guess who’s who.

credit: as tagged.

…I don’t have the answers, but…
moon_sprinkles@soompi figured out all but # 6, & 17.
blue_lttleangel figured out #6 & assssses figured out #17.

These ARE NOT official answers. xD
i haven’t looked at the answers yet; just copy/pasted um, i wanted to figure it out too lol.

I only have Yunho, changmin, teukie, heechul & junsu so far. T_T

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’08 SM audition promotions.

12 08 2008

So, SM auditions are coming around. ^_^ They’ll hold auditions in Hawaii [yayy!], Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Orange County(CA), New York, San Francisco, Toronto and┬áVancouver. HERE for more detail. hehe.

cut includes DBSK & SJ’s promotion.
LMAO at chun’s engrish. xD

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SMTown in Bangkok.

12 08 2008

all credits from soompi.

Somehow “Bangkok” looks better all caps, BANGKOK <–see? lol. anyway that’s beside the point….

& more info under cut. :]

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[SJ] Making of, Yesung, Xanadu

12 08 2008

This is going to be a combined post because I’m too lazy to make 3 separate ones. :X Lol.

cut includes:
– Making of SJH’s Pajama Party (2 versions)>
– Yesung’s injury.
– Kangin & Heechul’s musical, Xanadu photoshoot.

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Xanadu – Heechul + Kangin

7 08 2008

sapphirejunior08@YT. sorry no eng subs yet. :[

part one v.

part two; part three.

Lol Kangin. x] It’s okkie!!! You’ll do good. hahaha. He looks soo, flustered? xD and heechul is soo pro already. haha. xD

Our Torch Bearer!

7 08 2008

Wahhh~~~~ He looks so happy. ^_^ i’m happy. i wish his run was longer! D: but here’s the vid. Thanks to fatheather@YT for uploading it. :D

cut includes: pictures + Cyworld update.

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SUJU Couples?

6 08 2008

Can YOU guess how many couples there are in Super Junior? Lol. Let alone, name them all?? XD

GUESS! now..

la la la~ okay. cut shows the answer. :]

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