080729 THSK on The-M show

20 08 2008

I’ve never seen the intro subbed before so thanks to ichigo2luv @ yt…you can watch it too.

lol. i wonder if the underwear incident is true, i know they mentioned someone used someone’s underwear before (i forgot who) lol. and i know fans stole changmin’s underwear before. lmao but that’s a totally new story. xD


2008 Guinness World Record.

20 08 2008

Okay so this has been around for some time but i didn’t see any real “PROOF” till now. xD

So..Who has the largest official fan club?

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Support dbsk’s 4th album comeback.

20 08 2008

You can click HERE for their website. [link opens in new tab/page]

It’s a CD Drive, meaning you buy the album fromthis tvxqproject group, and as soon as the release date comes around, they’ll start sending you the cds. =]

This is only for the international fans, sorry. :l
Their goal is to show tvxq how big their international fanbase is. ^_^

more details under cut if you’re interested (these are the same people that did the doushite project)

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SHINee – behind the scenes.

18 08 2008

Only two parts are up, but i’m pretty sure there’s more but don’t take my word for it.

Embedded is part two but you can watch PART ONE HERE.

i just think part two was more interesting lol.
spoilers under cut. Don’t you agree? XP

well, the first part, Key is being the teacher and telling the kids (Jonghyun, Minho, Onew) to buy SHINee’s CD. hmm, maybe i think.

part two, they find the girls wrote on the desk. LOL. they find a Taemin fan and a Jonghyun fan. Hmm, i wonder if they have to scrub it off after? o_o

Jae’s keropi.

17 08 2008

i’m sure some of you guys noticed Jae wearing a keropi necklace….

look familiar?

well..it’s NOT just a necklace. LOL.
&…it’s on sale. LMAO. guess what it may be????
answer in cut.

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DBSK new hair.

15 08 2008

quickly what i think.
junsu: o_O
Chun: AHH!
Jae: :3
Changmin: ;)
Yunho: :D

cut includes pictures.

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SM LIVE ’08 [spazztastic]

15 08 2008

>.>and we thought su’s naked-ness from the O concert was hot…

TEASER!: sorry, i had to make these LARGE. xP [to make larger, right click on picture and click on “view image”. should make it full size] alsdkjfaoisfjwafsdf.

ALL credits: as tagged + dnbn.

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