FT Island vol.2

21 08 2008

ahhh!!! X] their whole album leaked on the internet already (which i am currently dl-ing) :3 lol.

but pleaes support them. D: [i know such a hypocrite, you don’t have to listen to me lol.]
But the release date is Aug25.

credit to the ft island lj comm. hehe.

cut includes: Track list (w/translation), Pre-order websites, MV preview, MV making & DL links.

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5 07 2008

Does anyone have the Chords to F.T. Island’s First Kiss (첫키스)???
Please leave me a comment. xP

I found guitar tabs n stuff but i just really need want the chords. ;_;

FT Island Hangeul Island

28 06 2008

Just a quickie. =]
This is another Tv show where FT Island is in Japan finding their way around and learning Japanese. Lol.

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