DBSK a-nation

27 09 2008

Okay, i know everyone’s on the 4th album hype but the official anation vid is out.
credits:1988yurning0218 @yt.

Doushite & Summer Dream.

I know they performed more but this is what i found on DNBN. =]
my comps lagging alot so no spazztastic report. =]  ENJOY!


Mirotic Japanese preview!

21 09 2008

You can download it HERE.

– It’s a 2min 19 sec preview.
– Low quality, but …understandable. x]

lol it sounds…funny xD
haha but idk. i want to say i like it more than the krn ver. but…
i’m not sure…

other downloads.
Hey (Don’t bring me down). [FULL]
Mirotic. [FULL]

Yunho’s got a TATT?

18 09 2008

Okay, don’t be alarmed. It’s not CONFIRMED yet.
But on a recent interview, you can see parts of it. it’s on his neck.

So…what do you think??
Gingerbread Man?
ohh goshh Yunho. x]
JaeChun are such bad influences. haha nahh =]
My friend said if it’s a gingerbread man, it MUST be inspired by Yoochun’s “My girlfriend” song.
“My love for you.. is more than the gingerbread man’s vitality”
haha. well…..we’ll just wait and see. 8]

Who’s LIPS are these!?

21 08 2008

Lol, i found this on the SJ soompi thread.
It’s DBSK + SJ’s lips. guess who’s who.

credit: as tagged.

…I don’t have the answers, but…
moon_sprinkles@soompi figured out all but # 6, & 17.
blue_lttleangel figured out #6 & assssses figured out #17.

These ARE NOT official answers. xD
i haven’t looked at the answers yet; just copy/pasted um, i wanted to figure it out too lol.

I only have Yunho, changmin, teukie, heechul & junsu so far. T_T

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080729 THSK on The-M show

20 08 2008

I’ve never seen the intro subbed before so thanks to ichigo2luv @ yt…you can watch it too.

lol. i wonder if the underwear incident is true, i know they mentioned someone used someone’s underwear before (i forgot who) lol. and i know fans stole changmin’s underwear before. lmao but that’s a totally new story. xD

2008 Guinness World Record.

20 08 2008

Okay so this has been around for some time but i didn’t see any real “PROOF” till now. xD

So..Who has the largest official fan club?

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Support dbsk’s 4th album comeback.

20 08 2008

You can click HERE for their website. [link opens in new tab/page]

It’s a CD Drive, meaning you buy the album fromthis tvxqproject group, and as soon as the release date comes around, they’ll start sending you the cds. =]

This is only for the international fans, sorry. :l
Their goal is to show tvxq how big their international fanbase is. ^_^

more details under cut if you’re interested (these are the same people that did the doushite project)

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